Forcing Absolute URL Paths

This may seem like a strange problem, but I need make the relative URLs generated on a page into absolute paths.

For example, I need to have the stylesheets, javascript, image paths, and other links resolve to a full URL.

How can this be accomplished? I know it's possible...

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shadowcomputers replied on at Permalink Reply
In PHP you have defined variables of:
DIR_REL = directory_of_c5_install (This is empty if installed on the root of the domain)

If you are creating themes you can always use:
rbarcus replied on at Permalink Reply
What I ended up doing was putting the following line of code into my page template:

<base href="<?php BASE_SSL_URL . DIR_SSL_REL ?>" />

I defined the BASE_SSL_URL and DIR_SSL_REL in my site.php file.
travistanderson replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks shadowcomputers, that was a big help. Sometimes the simplest stuff is the hardest to find.