The other Form methods make sense because they are named for the data type that they are associated with. However, although "hidden" is an input type, it is not a data type. When you create a hidden input field, what type of data format is this field used for? When you use the method "form->hidden() and it saves to a db field, what is the data type being saved?

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ThomasJ replied on at Permalink Reply
Never mind!
I've been using the html hidden type for a long time but never stopped to consider what type of data the field was ment to display until now when I need to preset hidden input fields to be auto-saved to the database. I was confusing a display type with an actual data format type used by the database. A hidden form field is just that, Hidden. It needs no display formatting.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
The "hidden" type can in many ways be thought of as a "text" type, but it simply does not show up.

Unfortunately the c5 form helper does not take additional parameters for $form->hidden(), so its not so easy to, for example, add css classes for convenience in jQuery selectors or fix the max size.