gallery app that will show animated gifs?

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I'm currently using Amiant's gallery add-on, and it does everything I could want...except all the animated gifs are static.

Does anyone know of a gallery add-on that would let animated gifs run? Trying to search for one is driving me bonkers, because of course all galleries 'animate' in order to pop up pics :)

Thanks so much!

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
It this perhaps the gallery resizes the images?
Can you set it (or create a custom template for it) to not do any resizing, meaning it serves up the images directly?

I imagine that when an animated gif is resized the resizing code is only going to take into account the first frame (so this would probably be the case in all galleries that resize).
elementals replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi mesuva! This sounds like a likely answer - alas, altering a template is beyond my very meagre skills :)
Thanks so much for your quick reply!
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
I probably can help you with that but I need to understand whether you want the thumbnail to still be animated or the fullscreen image in the overlay?
elementals replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi mnakalay :)

I don't care if the thumbnail is static - if I can get the zoomed view/slideshow view to animate, that would be perfect!
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply 1 Attachment
Hi again.
Here is a template attached. Extract the archive in your root blocks directory so you have ROOT/blocks/amiant_gallery/templates/ and inside the 3 files I have attached.

The go to your gallery and apply the template called Animated Gif.
Now animated gif should still be animated when full screen

EDIT: Sorry I had a few echoes left behind, it's now fixed and I uploaded the new files.
elementals replied on at Permalink Reply
Dude! You are my hero of the week - this works perfectly on every animated gif in my galleries (and without sporking any other code - ha!). Thank you so much!