Generate a calculated report based on an input value

I thought this should be straightforward, but is turning out to be more complicated than anticipated.

I want to embed a form that takes one field (Hash Rate) as input and then displays a table of numbers and text by multiplying the input by some hard coded values.

In the next version the table would be generated by multiplying by values acquired through an API.

For context, here is the page to be modified:

And here is a similar page from another site that uses the API:


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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd suggest creating a custom block for this form and output, as you can easily move it around a page, or between pages (or put it in multiple places).

The block would present the form and handles the submission of the field. As it's really just one field, you really could follow any basic block tutorial to get this up and running. For the form submit part you'd want to follow: