geographical addon

I am trying to locate an addon solution for the ecommerce addon that will; permit me to include a drop-down geographical list of states and provinces and maybe even for countries

To be able to use in the produsts setup instead of having to use the checkbox or radio button feature.

any ideas for an out of box solution. I gont want to have to spend a bunch of money for custom programming.


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
You could try playing with using an address attribute as a product option. Not something I have ever done. Not sure if that is the sort of thing you are seeking.

If it works, you could then create a new attribute type based on address, but with just the parts you want.
blackadder replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks i will give it a try. never thought of an attribute.
enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
Along the lines of what John has said, I'd also check dashboard > system & settings > attributes > types and be sure the types of attributes i want to use with ecommerce are selected to do so, then play around with them in an effort to accomplish what you need...
blackadder replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes actually playing here abd maybe use customer option select in advance settings. i nned to have several combos for customers to select prior to checkout.

still messing with options

i just wish i could place side by side on pg starting to get long on the page.

no add on works inside ecommerce addon to split up page i think not