Get first block in area, then get that blocks data

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$blocks = Page::getCurrentPage()->getBlocks('Main');
foreach($blocks as $b) {
   var_dump($b->bID); // returns the ID of the blocks in area

The code above works and lists each blocks ID in the area "Main". I need to get the "title" data of the first block. Title being one of the options of the block.

I am assuming it's something like:

$b = Block::getByID($blocks[0]->bID)

The above doesn't work however.

Any help is appreciated.

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frankdesign replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Worked it out:

This is how to get the first block in an area and then retrieve it's details. The block in question has a title property as set when adding it:

$blocksInArea = Page::getCurrentPage()->getBlocks('Main');
$block = Block::getByID($blocksInArea[0]->bID);

Hope this helps someone else.
jkoudys replied on at Permalink Reply
Helped me! Thanks.
andyjoneski replied on at Permalink Reply
Helped loads. Thanks.