get theme path not working, after install in sub directory

I've installed C5 in a folder called 'new' just of the main directory.
I've uploaded my theme but it's clear the theme paths aren't being correctly pulled out as no stylesheet or images are being picked up.

I'm using <?php echo $this->getThemePath(); ?> to reference these.
If I go into firebug I can see that at every point, Concrete is trying to go into the Concrete folder:

Whereas I've only ever uploaded themes straight to the themes directory in the root of the install:

Have things changed and am I now uploading in the wrong place or is there something else that's going on here?


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droomltd replied on at Permalink Reply
Just in case anyone else has this problem, it can be 'fixed' by making sure your theme has a default.php and view.php file

- they just have to be there, they can be completely empty.