Getting "grapheme_substr(): grapheme_substr: length is beyond start" error when saving from composer

Each time I try to save a page from Composer, I get the following error message:

grapheme_substr(): grapheme_substr: length is beyond start

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SnefIT replied on at Permalink Reply

I get this message when I try to install 5.7.2 on a (new) windows8.1 laptop. Never had problems on Win7.

Do I miss some component or something?

Can't install 5.7.2 :(
shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
For those of u that have problem installing C5 regarding this issue, you can fix this by forgiving error handling for E_WARNING too:
Open \concrete\bootstrap\configure.php (line 414) and change:

error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED);
error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_WARNING);
PixelFields replied on at Permalink Reply
This worked for me as well, although on version it was on line 328 in concrete/bootstrap/configure.php

Thank you!
richbcph replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks this worked on my install issues! Version affected was: