Global Areas, Stacks & Permissions

OK... so I think there's a bit of a loophole in the Permissions model for Global Areas/Stacks. Or I don't quite understand how they work, so feel free to correct me.

I have Advanced Permissions enabled.

So... I add a new GlobalArea called "Footer" into my page type. I set it to only allow a single block. I setup permissions allowing the "Editors" group to Read and Write the Footer Global Area, but not delete. As Admin, I add a block to the "Footer Global Areas Stack" and approve it. It's now showing on all pages with that GlobalArea. Great.

I sign in as an Editor. Go to Dashboard/Stacks and select the "Footer Global Areas Stack" to edit it. There's a "Delete" button... and I can DELETE the Stack! I can also delete the block contained within the stack. And even add more than one block to the stack.

I tried setting Permissions in the Footer Stack itself... but they don't appear to be taking old or changing anything.

So... is there a way that I can allow an Editor to edit the contents of a Global Stack, but not delete blocks from the Stack ... and, even MORE important... prevent them from deleting the Stack itself?

Or am I just mis-understanding or configuring something wrong?

- John

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tomicio replied on at Permalink Reply

This is kind of a late reply but, I stumbled on your post when looking for a way to prevent users to delete stacks.

I finally found out a way to remove the big red "Delete" stack button. You need to :
- Go to Site map > Options > Check to see system pages
- Then go to: Stack > Permissions
- Select Assign permission: manually at the top
- Finally, remove (or adjust) the groups at "Delete" option. In my case, I simply cleared it so that only the "admin" user will be able to delete stacks.

As for to prevent user from adding blocks to the stack, you have to configure stack permission via the Stack page > [select your stack] > "Permission" button.
> You will find there special permission catered to stacks

I'm using version