Guest Access - better understanding needed

Dear C5 Forum,

I'm playing with the new feature 'guest access' to explain it to a customer. But now i recognize that I did not get the effect expected. Maybe I have an issue in my configuration or I don't understand it correctlty.

Thats what happen:
If i set guest access to a block on a certain page. All the blocks in that page got the same 'guest-access settings'.
In Frontend a guest could only see global blocks an things in the template. A login-mask ist presented instead.

What I expected:
Guest access should only added to this block i turned it on. Then it will disappear for guests.

Could anyone explain me like it should work correctly?

Thanks in advance!
Roland (innotix)

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adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you seen this video for advanced permissions in v5.6? It explains the new permission model for concrete5.

If you set guest access to a page all areas and blocks inherit the permissions. You then need to remove guest access to the blocks/areas.