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I am a newbie to C5. I am trying to make a site with staff profiles. For each profile, I have multiple blocks to add images, icons, and content. I would like to wrap all of these block as a container with a border line around all the blocks. Right now, when you view the profile via a mobile device, the icons align vertically down the page. I would like them to stay within the a border.

Please see my current staff profile (in edit mode) and the one trying to accomplish.

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fudyartanto replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I think you need add the border from css. Inspect your element (see attached). Style first level ".ccm-layout-cell" of "#ccm-layout-main-2-1"
Juha replied on at Permalink Reply
I recommend you use this

to create a Profile block that has all the necessary fields. You can then add each profile as a single block instead of a collection different blocks, making the styling much easier.

Edit: Designer Content is not 5.7 compatible, so unless you're using older version it's not going to work.

Edit 2: In addition to what JohntheFish suggested, there is this for 5.7, too:

Haven't tried it myself, though.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
As long as you are on 5.6.x (not 5.7), you can implement this using my Uber List and Magic Data addons.

The format for a user in the list can be templated from a stack using whatever blocks you like and Magic Data to pull in user details. Then Uber List lists the users using the stack as a template for each.

You can apply styling to the stack to wrap each, or Uber List can do that for you by using any content block template, such as Enlil Transparent Content.