How can I get C5 CORE timing diagnostics (version 7 and 8)? Horrible response times.


I have a C5 website on several different servers trying to diagnose the horrible response time on my client's production server. For this discussion, I have DISABLED all C5 caching to root out the problem. Their server is CENTOS 4 cores and 8GB RAM. The mysql Server is 4 cores and 12GB of ram. The typical system load (from control panel) 20% CPU, 90% memory and 1.5% (of 4GB) "SWAP". The db server is 7% CPU, 98% RAM and 2.8% (of 4GB) SWAP.

I use to test the timing. It is a great resource if you are not familiar.

I have determined the best url for the test is a page with no google maps or other external items to skew the results. However, ALL C5 pages on this server (v5.6, 5.7 and 8) exhibit this problem. I have gotten the page load time down from 16 seconds to just below 8. You can review the results of the mid-day test here

Also, the response is basically unchanged at peak load and at 3 a.m. when I don't think there are any other users.

If I run this site on a different Web Server using the same MySQL DB server the load times drop to less than 3 1/2 seconds. If I run the site and mysql on my WAMP PC (sort of a killer PC config including SSDs) I get 1.5 seconds.

From reviewing the production network waterfall, everything is great AFTER the first byte is returned. That would be after C5 has generated the page html (right?). But, that takes 6+ seconds. "Ay, there’s the rub."

Other key results from this server are a "Hello World" HTML file takes .15 seconds and phpinfo takes less than .25 seconds.

So, my tests tell me:
DB server is not the delay.
Apache and PHP (core) are not the delay.
Actual C5 application (test page) design/code are not the problem.
The problem is C5 (core) on THIS machine's config/load.

There can be no doubt the problem is the configuration of this server, but I must track down THEIR problem. How can I get timing results on the C5 core components to isolate the problem area?


UPDATE: This system is still very slow without caching, but with it turned on it is blazing fast. Other server hosting same app and db without caching are fairly fast though.

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Need an URL to look at?

Could be set up, add-ons, config, etc...
SeanDevoy replied on at Permalink Reply

I thought people would notice the url in the test results.

SeanDevoy replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi SteveB,

I should have started with THANKS for looking, sorry.

I am not a Linux guy. I do see several differences in the phpinfo outputs of the two systems most alike in this scenario (same hosting company, cores, etc).

Does anything here hint at the problem:

Things I would guess could be major factors: php version, Server API Apache 2.0 Handler vs FPM/FastCGI.

Thanks again,
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Something quick to check...

Do you happen to have the "Database query log" turned on?

Dashboard->Environment->Logging Settings
SeanDevoy replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi mhawke,

Thanks for reading.

I have only Log Application Exceptions and Log Emails Sent checked.

These 2 are not checked: Log Database Queries and Clear Query Log on Reload

JimMacMillan replied on at Permalink Reply
Any resolutions on this? I'm on a dedicated server with an SSD in it and the wait is getting painfully frustrating while trying to make edits.
SeanDevoy replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi JimMacMillan,

I wish I had a better answer for you as our solution won't work for most people. This customer has a separate server they use to make all changes and get them approved. Once everything is approved by a cast of thousands, it gets moved to the production server. Nothing ever gets changed dynamically on the production server, only a complete roll out from stage. Since production is therefor just a static server, we turn on ALL caching in C5 dashboard. After a roll out, we clear the cache. It has given us reasonable response times.

If you site is really dynamic where content changes several times a day, this may not work for you.

JimMacMillan replied on at Permalink Reply
Any resolutions on this? I'm on a dedicated server with an SSD in it and the wait is getting painfully frustrating while trying to make edits.