How does Page List's "Filter by related topic" work?

When I create a Page List, I have the option to "Filter by related topic" which allows me to select a Topic Tree to filter the pages by. This is a whole Topic Tree, not a particular item in the tree, so how does C5 determine which pages are related?

Does the actual page embedding the Page List block have to have the same Topic Tree as an attribute and then the Page List block matches it against the list of pages it is going to show?

I am trying to use Page List block to show related quotes on a page.
I've created a page type for quotes, and created about 5 quote pages to test.
The page type includes a Topic Tree for categories (e.g. Love, Funny, Wisdom)
Each quote page has one topic selected.
Then I have created a page about "Love" and dropped in the Page List block restricting pages to those of page type Quote and using the "Filter by related topic" option.
In the Love page (a normal blank page, not a quote page) I have added the page attribute Category (which is my Topic Tree) and set it to Love.
But my Page List is empty - no matching pages.

Have I misunderstood how "Filter by related topic" is supposed to work?

Can someone please shed some light?

Many thanks!

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malkau replied on at Permalink Reply
Hmmm... there might be a bug in this block??

If "Include Page Description" is set to "No" then my list is empty.

If I set it to yes (even though I don't use the page description in my list) then I get 3 items (as expected).
malkau replied on at Permalink Reply
I had all the "Output" options set to "No" as they are not relevant to my output.

* Include page name
* Include description
* Include Public Page Date
* Display thumbnail image

If I set any of them to Yes (even though I don't use any of them) then the correct list displays.