How to add a folder in sitemap but not display it in anywhere?

Is there a way to add a folder (or sub-page) in sitemap just for the sake of organising content but not display that particular sub-page anywhere else?

The Custom Attributes of the page does not prevent it from appearing in the URL or breadcrumbs.

Are there any addons that can do this?

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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
I tried to do this a long time ago when building a blog in c5 (so posts could go in year/month subfolders). Unfortunately I never found a way to do so -- I'm not sure it's possible in C5.
Ricalsin replied on at Permalink Reply
I've never tried this, but I stumbled upon reading it:

Maybe that'll help.
jagd replied on at Permalink Reply
You're right...
"Exclude from nav" is not working in new version of c5...
I just noticed that...

But in older one was working - and i used this feature pretty often...
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
@jagd - the OP was specifically referring to a parent page's name appearing in the URL path of child pages. C5 has always worked this way regardless of attribute settings.

You say that your autonav isn't working in the new version? What exactly is the problem you're having? Everything works fine for me, with the one exception that pages are not showing up in the breadcrumb nav if they have the "exclude_nav" attribute checked. (In prior versions, pages would always show up in the breadcrumb nav even if they had the "exclude_nav" attribute checked, but in 5.6 they are now excluded -- which might actually make more sense to some, but not to me).