How to convert lowercase sql to Camelcase?

I'm using windows at my work place and am used to developing in Linux using Ubuntu,

Come across the same old problem of windows lowercase sql and Linux camel case. In need camel case structure for upload to a linux server.

Any one know the solution? most of the scripts out there are out of date, has anyone developed a new one for C5 version


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I wrote a tutorial/blog post on exactly this subject:

Just as mkly said, Manio's tool on Github is sweet. What it doesn't cover it tells you and it's easy to fix.
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Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies. As it turned out I ended up downloading an old sql script for migrating lower case to camel case and tweaking it to work in the newest version of C5.

For anyone interested I'm going to place a copy on my web site for people to download, it may help a few others out there.