How to create and access custom database table from Dashboard single page?

I have a very simple need: To maintain a custom product info database in admin area and show it on the frontend with C5 5.7. So, let's say I have 20 products with name, weight and height. I need to be able to create new products, delete them and modify the parameters.

I have found lot of information about custom database tables and Dashboard single pages, in matter of fact I got single pages working ok. But I'm confused about new DB methdos (Doctrine) and how to actually *create* a new database table for my product. Do I need to use db.xml at all, or is it only related to the older C5 versions? If need it, what is the directory where I should place it? I don't feel needing packaging at all, since this is a single site - I'm not planning to publish it in Marketplace - so, how do I actually *create* those tables?

I know I have missed something, but it's just because of different C5 versions, legacy db methods and all that.

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
You're better of creating a package anyways in my opinion! This way you have it all grouped, and it's not all across each directory under /application. Think about it. Even if you decide to get this to your live site from local, you only have to copy 1 directory (packages/your_pkg_handle).

Starting from version 5.7.4, you can use this page:

But if that's all a bit scary, you can still use the db.xml file!

Drop the db.xml file right in your /packages/your_pkg_handle root. Concrete5 will install the table for your upon installtion!
MoreK replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, I'll try the packaging route then. And "entities" don't look scary at all, will try them too :)