How to do deep styling on express form (e.g bootstrap form-horizontal)

Hi All,
I want to use bootstrap form-horizontal layout on my site, and have successfully done this as a custom template for legacy forms.

But that was only after stubbing my toe trying to do it with express forms. There, I discovered that the fields in the form are rendered by code and are not accessible to the template. I'm in the midst of reading through the sources and see how the rendering is done in services/forms, but don't understand the architecture enough to know where the edges are.

I'd appreciate some guidance on how to approach this project, since I'm only recently engaged with concrete5.

1. Am I missing a bet? Is there a simple way to use the custom template mechanism with express forms but to gain access to the array of fields and bypass the built-in rendering?
2. Am I missing some other bet? Is there a way to design a custom view for each of my express forms and do the layout in the custom view? I don't have so many forms that tailoring each one would be objectionable, though it would be tedious.
3. If it comes down to a code change, what's the best way to provide an editor option to select the default or my customized layout?


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andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your patience on this. I have finally had a chance to fully document express form rendering. Note: this requires concrete5 8.2, which will have an official release candidate very soon, and will then be released shortly thereafter. It is currently available in GitHub and very stable: