How to extend (or override) the form block to modify the functionality?

I need a new contact form in another page that has a slightly different functionality. Has anyone tried something like this before? I need this for 5.5.1 version.

I need to override the function "action_submit_form" inside "FormBlockController" class.

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jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
Maybe jordanlev's Custom Contact Form?

BlueFractals replied on at Permalink Reply
That could work too but I ended up replicating the existing form block and changed all the class names in the controller and view files. I thought it was easier to do this way and I just made some changes inside the "action_submit_form()" as required. This seems to work perfect for me. I didn't have to change any table names.

I only have one issue though. The new form created is not displayed in Form Results page in the Dashboard. It correctly puts the new form entry in the "btform" table but it does not show it in the Dashboard. Also in the notification email, I get the correct URL like this "http://localhost/mysite/index.php/dashboard/reports/forms/?qsid=1375059378" and it takes me to the page with all the new submissions but the page title does not have the form name. It just reads "Responses to" (without the form name).

Any idea on how to fix this?
GundlachMarketing replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you get this worked out? I'm trying something similar.
BlueFractals replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't exactly remember what I did as it was a while ago. I think I created a copy of "MiniSurvey" class in the controller.php and renamed the copy to another name. This gave me enough control to make changes to the things inside the new copy of MiniSurvey. Then in the view.php, I instantiated the new class like this:
$miniSurvey=new MiniSurveyNewForm($b);

Remember this was done for version 5.5.1.