How to get the form block to send email to form submitter

So after much searching, reading and gnashing of teeth, I finally figured out how to make the built-in form block send a confirmation email to site visitors who fill out the form. Not being a php guy and being on a shoestring budget (i.e. no paid blocks, sorry) made this more time-consuming than I would have preferred but it works now.

First, I copied the core form block folder (root/concrete/blocks/form) to the root blocks folder (root/blocks/form).

Next i edited the controller.php file in root/blocks/form. I added a block of code around line 340 above the code that sends an email to the address entered in the block itself. Here's the code:
$mh = Loader::helper('mail');
            $mh->to( $questionAnswerPairs[9]['answer'] );
            $mh->from( $formFormEmailAddress );
            $mh->addParameter('formName', $this->surveyName);
            $mh->addParameter('questionSetId', $this->questionSetId);
            $mh->addParameter('questionAnswerPairs', $questionAnswerPairs);
            $mh->setSubject(t('%s Form Submission', $this->surveyName));
            //echo $mh->body.'<br>';

This line:
$mh->to( $questionAnswerPairs[9]['answer'] );
tells the block to send an email to whatever is entered in question/answer pair#9. This line will be different depending on which field is used for email. The first field in a form is field "0". each subsequent field is 1, 2, 3, etc. The email field on my form was the tenth field hence

I wanted to format the email the submitter receives differently from the one I receive. The form block uses a file called block_form_submission.php (found in the core/mail folder) to format form submission emails. I copied this file to the root/mail folder and changed it to my liking. Next I copied it to another file and named it block_form_submission_user.php, this is the file used to format the email that the form submitter receives. This line from the code above tells the block to use this alternate file:

That's pretty much it. I'm sure there are more elegant ways to accomplish this and yes, i could have just purchased a block that would do all this and more. BUT, I typically learn by doing and this has taught me alot about C5. Also I'm cheap. Sue me. As I learn more about php, i will be able to a better job. In the mean time, I'm just glad it works.

Hope this helps somebody out there with the same questions I had.

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brothersjef replied on at Permalink Reply
Does this controller send an email to the submitter? It seems to use the user_email as the from address. Looks like it also allows you to add a couple additional field types including "email" which is VERY cool.
nickratering replied on at Permalink Reply
Does this work for
I get many requests for this feature!
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R4YM3 replied on at Permalink Reply
It does
webmaster55 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello. I'm running Concrete5 version There seems to have been a recent update which changed the server file structure significantly. I'm looking for the controller.php mentioned above. Several months ago I edited the controller.php in a similar way brothersjef did, and things worked perfectly. However, my file structure has recently changed when installing a newer version, and the controller.php file in my root/concrete/blocks/form folder now is clearly not the same as the one above. Mine has only a few lines. Here it is in its entirety:
defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die("Access Denied.");
class FormBlockController extends Concrete5_Controller_Block_Form {}
class FormBlockStatistics extends Concrete5_Controller_Block_FormStatistics {}
class MiniSurvey extends Concrete5_Controller_Block_FormMinisurvey {}

I'm not exactly sure what the code here does, but it looks like it extends some base classes. Where can I find these base class files? Any help on finding the equivalent controller.php file that brothersjef edited will be appreciated. Thank you.
webmaster55 replied on at Permalink Reply
Never mind, I found it. If anyone else has the same problem, the file I was looking for is at /concrete/core/controllers/blocks/form.php.