How to implement thumbnail/gallery grid as shown in Bootstrap


I'm an experienced PHP developer just getting into Concrete 5. I'm looking for some advice from more seasoned Concrete 5 folks.

For reference, please have a look at under the heading "More Examples" (or see the attached file). I want to create this image collage and allow my users to change out the images without worrying about resizing or alignment. What would be the recommended way to approach this?

Should I create a new block type with 6 images attached to it somehow? Should I create a new page type with an area for each of the images, then lock down the block type to only images using advanced permissions? Ways to leverage file sets? Any other ideas?

I realize there could be many ways to handle this, I'm just looking for some opinions and starting points or references.


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glockops replied on at Permalink Reply
The questions is, do you want to be able to display more than 6 images?

You could create a custom template for the Slideshow block - it has some neat features like loading images from File sets, support for varying number of images, ordering, etc.

Then for your custom template - you output the first image as a span4 and the rest as span2. This would allow your site contributors to use as few as 1 and more than 6 images if they choose to - while still keeping a nice format.