How to include common JS and CSS files in the custom templates of a block that does not have a controller?

I have a package that includes custom templates for Autonav block. It does not have controller.php inside the block. It only has different custom templates for autonav. There are some js and css files that are common to all the templates. Is there a best practice to include or load them inside <head> when they are assigned to Autonav block? I don't want to include them inside each of the templates as that will introduce a lot of duplicate codes.

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Thanks for that link but I wasn't able to get this working.

I got it working in a different way but I would like to know if there is a better way to achieve this directly from the package's main controller as there is no controller inside the block.

I used "@import" for css and "$.getScript()" for jquery to include the common css and js files.