How to load models in dashboard pages from package


I can't figure out how to load a model in my custom package from a dashboard controller (or in any other part of my package).

The folder structure of my package is:

└── my_navigation_package
    ├── blocks
    │   └── my_navigation
    │       ├── add.php
    │       ├── bootstrap.php
    │       ├── controller.php
    │       ├── db.xml
    │       ├── edit.php
    │       ├── icon.png
    │       └── view.php
    ├── controller.php
    ├── controllers
    │   └── single_page
    │       └── dashboard

The namespace of my package is


Here is the code of my model (saved as models/my_test_model.php):
 * Test Model
namespace Concrete\Package\MyNavigationPackage\Models;
use Concrete\Core\Legacy\Model;
use Loader;
class MyTestModel extends Model
    // here comes the voodoo

And here it the code snipped of my dashboard controller (my_navigation_settings.php):
 * Controller for the dashboard page
namespace Concrete\Package\MyNavigationPackage\Controller\SinglePage\Dashboard\My;
use \Concrete\Core\Page\Controller\DashboardPageController;
use \Concrete\Package\MyNavigationPackage\Models\MyTestModel;
class MyNavigationSettings extends DashboardPageController
    function view()
        // create instance of the test model
        $m = new MyTestModel();  

The error that is thrown is "Class 'Concrete\Package\MyNavigationPackage\Models\MyTestModel' not found"

I already tried to change the namespaces but without luck.

Please can you explain what i'm doing wrong?

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rge replied on at Permalink Reply
You don't necessary have to use the legacy way. If you follow the PSR-4 standard as mentioned in the documentation. All namespaces following this standard get auto loaded by Concrete.

I will give you an example that I posted in my own form question.

Custom class
path: packages/test/blocks/test/models/file.php
namespace Concrete\Package\Test\Block\Test\Models;
defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die (_('Access Denied'));
class File{

Block Controller
path: packages/test/blocks/test/models/file.php

namespace Concrete\Package\Test\Block\Test;
use Concrete\Core\BLock\BlockController;
use Concrete\Package\Test\Block\Test\Models\Test; //use the custom clas
use Core;
defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die(_("Access Denied."));
class Controller extends BlockController
public function view()
      $test = new Test();

Link to post:

Hope this helps