How to set my custom login page as startup page?

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I'm creating an application using concrete5.
I'm beginner of concrete5.

So, how to set the login page to my application.
I want to use concrete5's core login page as site editing login.

If an end user open my application, at first it should show my login (my own single page) page. after login only it should show home page.

I created all my single pages and more over complete my application.
I have a trouble in this part.

If I open my application, it shows the home page. It contains all dashboard contents of my application.

I want to load my login page before home page

Please guide me to retrieve from this situation...

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enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
go to your home page. hover edit and click permissions. set the view to registered users. then users will be forced to login to view the site!!
cjramki replied on at Permalink Reply
I want to use site admin login like

this is concrete5 login.
I want to use my application administrator login like

So, in my application if the site admin want to edit the site, that person only can access the concrete5 dashboard. if the end-user admin or employee accessing my application the start up page view should be the login page,

Is this possible in concrete5?
rritz replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi cjramki,

yes you can do this. I don't know what version of c5 you are running in newer you have to enable advanced permissions from the dashboard.
Create a new user or a group of users, who are able to login, but have no permission to access the dashboard or edit a page. So basically, they can log in, but not edit any page:

Go to members - add user or add user group and set up the login for your users.

Go to full site map in the dashboard, then click on your single page and go to set permissions.
The default is set permissions manually, keep that.
In the first line klick on view and make sure only registered users (or you special group of users you create for this occasion) can view the page. Thereby you force them to log in to view the single page.

All the other permissions are set to administrator - that should be you. So the other users won't be able to edit a page.
You can also show system pages in the full site map and go to permissions of the dashboard page and make sure only the administrator can view it.