href in custom profile single page

Hi all,
i want to create custom single page for displaying some of our member profile. i copy and paste [concretecore]/profile/view.php to /single_pages/profile/view.php

i have custom text attributes for user, it's a web address of their social media. of course as a plain text.

so, in profile view.php, i call those attributes, and put it in href

<a href='<?php echo $website; ?>'>...</a>

let say $website is my custom attributes. and it's only contain plain text:

if i call
<?php echo $website; ?>

it sure only give me

but, in href, it'll be[usernumber]/

how do i fix this?
please help...

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shahroq replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
you should put full address (with the http:// at the beginning) in the attribute.
or hard-code http section like this:
<a href='<?php echo "http://".$website; ?>'>...</a>
mkharisecario replied on at Permalink Reply
mkharisecario simple as that..i didnt notice that...thanks