HTML block is wrapping the HTML in a


I've used a designer add-on to create a block which creates a <li></li> object.

On the page where these <li>s are going I have added an HTML block BEFORE my blocks containing just <ul> and an HTML block after my new blocks containing just </ul>.

I would expect this to output:
<li>list from block 1</li>
<li>list from block 2</li>

but instead I get this:

<div id="HTMLBlock416" class="HTMLBlock">
<li>list from block 1</li>
<li>list from block 2</li>
<div id="HTMLBlock418" class="HTMLBlock">

How can I get the UL tags before and after all my blocks?

Thank you!

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
You will need to either:
a) Create a new template for the html block to remove the wrapping div. While doing so, also protect it from rendering in edit mode or you will break your site. See

b) Don't do it with an html block. Create a new page template .php file in your theme that provides the wrapping list elements.