http post not working

I'm looking for some help on fixing an http post from our Infusionsoft account to our C5 site. The site sells a suite of classes that can be purhcased thru our infusionsoft ecommerce. Here's the issue. Infusionsoft is set up to send an http post to our C5 site, but for reasons unknown it is not coming thru. So, as a non-developer asking for help, I'm more than happy to try and provide as much info as any helpers might need. Please let me know - thank you

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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
As a non-developer, this may be difficult -- but we can try!

When you say that infusionsoft sends an http post to your site, what exactly is it sending?
And what is your site supposed to do with whatever it's sending?

Also, is this the first time you're trying to get this integration to work, or did you have this working with an old site and now you're trying to move it over to the new C5 site?
USCFE replied on at Permalink Reply
Infusionsoft collects the persons information and as an action we send an http post from IFS to Here a php code should pull the information to create a user account in C5. There is another set up to remove the user at

It had worked on this site before, but due to an unknown reason it is no longer doing what it is meant to do.
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
This is probably not something you can get a lot of help with on this messageboard. If you don't know of anything on your site that changed around the time this stopped working, then it's likely that something with infusionsoft changed (maybe they changed the format of the data they're sending?).
You might try asking them (not sure what this software is exactly but do they have tech support or their own forums for community help?).

If they don't know what the problem might be, then the only way to get this figured out would be to have a developer look at how infusionsoft sends its data and look at your code (and maybe look at the logs on your server to see what the specific error is).

This is something I might be able to help you with, or you can try posting a message to the Concrete5 Job Board. But if you have no budget for this and infusionsoft can't help you, then unfortunately I'm not sure there's much that can be done without some knowledge of PHP and how HTTP works.

femiji replied on at Permalink Reply
having the same problem ...

an the payment processing site sends data back to my c5 site via post.

but i cannot seem to get this data using $_POST. When I change the callback url to one that is not within c5, i can access the data via $_POST.

is there some c5 way of retrieving data posted from another url?
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply