I need a wysiwyg icon to insert a pdf

Sorry, I'm still new at this. I do not see an icon in wysiwyg for inserting a pdf file in a content block. It that an add-on? I'll attach a screen capture of my page.

Then I saw that I could select FILE type of block...but that did not DISPLAY the pdf but only allowed a text link to click on for viewing the pdf.

Basically, this is a local farmers market and they want to weekly change the "specials" flyer every week. We want site visitors to see it or print it out.

I'd appreciate any advice on how you'd handle this and if I need any add ons.

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nebuleu replied on at Permalink Reply
Just look above the wysiwyg toolbar editor, and clic "Add File" link. But it only insert a link to your file.

If you want to display your PDF as an image in your page, you probably should have to look if a custom block do that in the marketplace.

If you are a developer, creating a simple custom template for the File block should be suitable, by using a tool like ImageMagick to convert dynamically the first page of your PDF in an image.

jackbasting replied on at Permalink Reply
The easyest way to do this I think is to make a link.
At the pdf-file into your filemanager.
Then you can make a link in the wysiwyg-editor (add file).
If you want to show previous files you can use this add-on