Image On-State (Optional)

Can Any one help me,

I have modified the default image block to have captions and css3 effects and link to internal page as I needed.

I was wondering how the Image On-State (Optional) loads the image? Is this a script which swaps the images round, or does it load the new one over the top?

As I would like to be able to add a CSS3 fade effect when you hover so its not so harsh a change? Would any one know if this is possible?

Thanks for any assistance. > my example of image block

Carl Lee

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ThemeGuru replied on at Permalink Reply
Here is the actual HTML code:

<img border="0" class="ccm-image-block" alt="Banner Image Discription" 
src="/files/cache/b9f5efb853056ad111bfa123566b530c_f52.jpg" width="965" height="180" 
onmouseover="this.src = '/files/cache/d9d3a7ef83142c23a0dd00f0786be446_f53.jpg'" 
onmouseout="this.src = '/files/cache/b9f5efb853056ad111bfa123566b530c_f52.jpg'">

If you notice it does have point to a different image on a mouse over event.

More info on mouse over's with the img tag ->

One thing you could look into doing is using javascript to load both of the images then when someone mouses over you wouldn't have the same lag time.

Hope that helps.