Importing users AND their attributes

I have a few hundreds users I need to import into c5 and they have attributes I need to get into the system too.

I couldn't find much documentation about the Import Users add-on developed by Kino, but I've installed the tool and in the Dashboard it's instructions say :

please make a csv file like below in this order.(One line per person.)

(please use ",(comma)" as the separater.)

but I'd like to import a CSV with :

username1,mail_address1,password1, phone1, city1, etc.

Anyone have any experience with this? Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

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rdains replied on at Permalink Reply
Second this request.
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
if you're going to try hacking this you basically have to add in setAttribute('attribute_handle','value_str');

for the address it might be a little trickier if you're using the address attribute type. you probably have to load an array or the AddressAttributeTypeValue object, and feed that into the second parameter of setAttribute('address',$valueData)

hope that helps a bit