Intelligent Search

I have added the following to my Concrete site.php file...


and for some reason when I login as an administrator I'm still seeing the Intelligent Search. I can even search for the sitemap and click on it. I've since changed view permissions on the dashboard pages so it shows me a "Page Forbidden" page but I'd like it so that my user can't see the Intelligent Search at all so I don't get questions about it down the road. Is this possible?

I also tried to go to my themes header file and add the following but it doesn't seem to work for me either.

   $u = new User(); //gets current user object
   $g = Group::getByName("Administrators"); 
         #ccm-nav-intelligent-search-wrapper { display: none; }

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bryanlewis replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
The IRC guys said "the intelligent search shows if you have access to anything cause it only allows you to search for things you have permission too".

Good to know! :)