Invalid Header logo "My_Site_Name"

well/... new to Concrete, and a PHP novice also...
had Validation issue with Global "My_Site_Name" block...
'p'aragraph tag inside 'a'link tag from header.php
(which looks written to take into account,
if no "My_Site_Name" block, use "SITE" block"

TinyMCE insists on 'p tagging' any edit to this text,
and theme Main CSS does call for
"#page #header #logo p" - for styling in this header block.

Problem is, <p> inside <a> causes invalidity, etc.
I simply don't know how to locate and change this in core or whatever,

so I'm using this work-around...till somebody comes
thru with a simpler way: (that's what usually happens)...

1) Added my 'site name'in scrapbook, global, blocks...

2) Main css changed ""#page #header #logo p"...
to "#page #header #logo #name" (link text)...

3) went to MySQL DataBase, "btContentLocal"...
(bID 41 in my base) and replaced the entry
<p>site name text</p>

<span id="name">site name text</span>

I suppose this will require a database re-edit if My_Site_Name
changes again... Hopefully not on upgrade, should that happen???


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c5studio replied on at Permalink Reply
I think it would be a lot easier to just use an html block. You can delete the existing My_Site_Name block and then add an HTML block to the scrapbook, and rename it to My_Site_Name.

I am not quite sure about this, but I think TinyMCE might let you put the <p> tags outside the <a> tags.