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Anyone use ipage for hosting? I've had a good run with them for the past 6 months, however, over the last couple of weeks, my concrete5 sites are returning an error for certain functions at certain times (not all the time).

1) concrete5 Login
2) when submitting contact forms

The error is:

Internal Server Error - Read
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Reference #3.b2c402cc.1366224674.57329ce

I've checked the logs area and there are no errors being shown. I've asked ipage to look into it and to give them their due, they haven't fobbed me off (e.g. concrete5 is an unsupported platform). I suggested they look in var/adm/messages.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what the issue might be or if I could do anything else to uncover it? Also, anyone else with ipage?

My primary business site is quite new. It's http://www.web-dewd.com. Only set up about 36 hours ago and still under construction (I concrete5'd it though).

All the best,

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webdewd replied on at Permalink Reply
An update. ipage have told me they have looked at the logs, identified the issue and fixed it. They haven't told me what the issue or the fix was though. I've asked and will post if I get an answer.

The issue doesn't seem to have reoccurred since they told me they fixed it.
webdewd replied on at Permalink Reply
Update. ipage have advised they haven't done anything to fix the problem. As of right now, the issue doesn't seem to have reoccurred.
blokeybloke replied on at Permalink Reply

Just a thought, but this may not be anything to do with your actual website, but the server it is residing on. I look after our 2 comapny web servers and Internal Server Error as it says may be to do with the server itself, that is a generic error message which covers a wide area. Ipage could simply be updating things, adding security, doing updates etc.

if they do give you an answer I would be most interested in their reply.


webdewd replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your interest and your point Steve. Yes, the error looks like one that Apache produces. It's similar to a 500 I get if I have a malformed header in a perl script.

Despite ipage suggesting the issue has been resolved, it hasn't. It's happening right now. When a contact form is submitted it produces the error, and I can't login to the concrete5 dashboard because of the same error. I imagine they have some jobs running on the server which could be tying up resources, preventing the concrete5 form from doing it's job. I've opened a new ticket on the issue and I'll let you know the outcome.

As a short term measure I'm writing the form response in perl. It's taken me about an hour, has validation, and it's transparent to my clients. It will ensure that when they submit an enquiry, it will get to me.

I may build my own concrete5 form block, but that will take a little longer.
webdewd replied on at Permalink Reply
Update. Just received the following from ipage:

"There was some coding issue on our server which was blocking website requests. We have corrected the code and resolved the issue. It won't happen again because the coding issue was result of few upgrade done on the server."

Since they're a bit vague, I'm not entirely convinced. That said, a couple of weeks ago, they did have a lot of brute force attacks on their wordpress sites and made some changes to routing rules as a result. Maybe their changes negatively affected concrete5 sites. I haven't seen the issue happen again, but am reluctant to put my concrete5 form live at the moment. I may just have to stick with my perl one. It's only a quick hack though.