is ccm.base.js necessary?

C5 includes ccm.base.js, ccm.dialog.js and ccm.base.css even if I'm not working on the site. (no user log in)

Is there a reason for this? Are there block using ccm.base.css? It loads a few pictures because of it too! I have to build a site for Africa and guess what, they don't have 10MB DSL connections...

I'm aware that I can influence this on my own, it's part of the theme, but if it's not necessary why not remove it in case there's not user logged in?

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dpidan replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Remo, did you ever get an answer on this? I'd really like to remove both ccm.base.css and ccm.base.js for general site viewers.
They're probably needed for logged-in users, though, right?
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
i wouldn't remove ccm.base.css. it's required to display pagination, captchas, and the new layouts stuff.
dpidan replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, Tony! You rock!
I'll probably poke through the CSS file and see if I can copy out what's absolutely necessary.
jelthure replied on at Permalink Reply
this post was explaining how to load a different js library but it's the same method to have them not load as well.

for some reason the forum thinks i put in php code when i was stating file locations so when you're reading that bit, just ignore the php tags. hope this helps.