jQuery not working when going live


I have a simple one-page scroller in C5. The scrolling effect and jQuery worked when doing the site locally, but when migrating live to godaddy servers, jQuery is not picked up.

I must add that it didn't worked locally, until i moved "php:loader required" part above all my scripts, and not above the closing head tag, as it is suggested on the forums.
I tried both variations now, bot none seems to pick up jquery. I mean it is loaded by C5, but it doesn't work.

Here is the link:http://www.joshhannum.com
p.s. If you view source, it is not my mess, it is a mess done by godaddy poor editor tools, which can't format few lines of code.



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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
Looks like jQuery is being loaded just fine on that page. Did you just fix it?
Madebym replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jordan, thanks for the reply. I moved my script(not the calls) to footer.php, and it worked.
But i still don't understand why it didn't work initially, it was the exact setup as local testing on WAMP. I just uploaded files, didn't touch a thing.

Just one thing please, where does header required part must go?
Just before the closing head tag, or before my javascript files?

jero replied on at Permalink Reply
It stands to reason that as the header_required code is responsible for loading jQuery, that it needs to be the first thing after the head tag. Why? Because any other scripts you're loading that use jQuery will break if jQuery is undefined.

Putting your scripts in the footer effectively guarantees that they are loaded after jQuery.