How can I correct this (please see attachment) so that I get rid of this keyword "png" as displaying and improve my real keywords such as window cleaning, power washing etc?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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lak17a replied on at Permalink Reply
As I see Google indexed too much. Check your sitemap and robots.txt. Google shouldn't be allowed to index dashboard.
Now it shows that Google indexed 1.150 of your pages.
Check your folders permissions too.
irussell replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
Ok, I checked sitemap looks fine to me. (see attachment)
But on the attached permissions page should I check the "no" box
for the following?

Access Sitemap and Page Search Yes No

Thus, NOT allowing guests to access my sitemap?

As you can see I'm a bit confused, but would appreciate a bit more clarification. Where and how do I check "permissions" as you suggested?

Also I don't know how to access or adjust the robots.txt can you lead me to the path? or explain how I can do that?

Thanks much!