Large, complex web apps

Has anyone built a complex php/mySQL driven, secure web app with this CMS?

I love C5 and have a HUGE project to start, I wonder if I should use it for a really complex and secure data-driven site.



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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
what do you define as a web app?

Does SQL Buddy count?
admin replied on at Permalink Reply
sure we've built sites with hundreds of thousands of pages for startups with concrete5

there are a number of universities, colleges, and govt institutions using it..

Clear Wireless is converting their entire web presence to it..

The measure I use is this: will there be some real need for CMS?

If i were making facebook from scratch, I'd think pretty hard about the overhead that concrete5 ads to the system. Sure you get users and permissions out of the box and that is a lot more than many frameworks give you, but you're also more or less married to jquery and you have a fair amount going on with each page load today. If you're never going to put a page in edit mode, you might think twice... but even then - its a nice OOP framework that gives you a lot of stuff you'd have to build from scratch otherwise.
webjedi replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok its not as large as Facebook or as complex as SQL Buddy :)

But you really have given me the answer I was looking for.

Thanks guys :)