League vendor throwing error 500 on image not found

Hello, I have imported the live database on sandbox, so some uploaded images are missing. But then I have an error "concrete5 has encountered an issue." :
League \ Flysystem \ FileNotFoundException
File not found at path: 6114/8586/4205/avatar_none.png
Why is it throwing a 500 and bringing the site down?
Version of concrete: 8.1
Version of League: 1.0.41

Thanks for your help

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Parasek replied on at Permalink Reply
It was a nasty bug in 8.1. It shouldn't be present in newer version, so you should propably update your c5.

To have working version of current c5, I would simply download/upload all missing images.
sev replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi thank you for your answer but 8.2 is a RC, not stable yet
Do you ow what was the problem?