Learning Concrete5 by creating a Craigslist like web app, how can I do that?

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I am new to Concrete5 and have read the book (Concrete5 The Beginner's Guide- 1st ed.) I want to create a Craigslist like site to really learn Concrete5.
Please correct me if I am wrong; without actual programming, by adding pages and permission, I will not able to make the site I wanted.
I see how we can create a Blog. But that will only be a single user login site. I have googled a long time and trying to find a book or tutorial that can guide me to start building a site with similar feature I wanted, but I did not find any. Do you all have any tutorial you can suggest?
A tutorial that show us how to create a simple discussion forum/ job posting site with C5 would be perfect!
Thanks so much!

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jimallen2011 replied on at Permalink Reply
I want to know that too. Any tutorials/ book would show us how to do that?
ASDSolutions replied on at Permalink Reply
How much knowledge do you have of PHP, as you will need to create your own single pages most likely, or at least blocks. If you are well versed in PHP, then I would suggest looking at the Documentation on this site in the Developers Index and the How To guides.


Otherwise, get to grips with PHP. The beauty of this CMS is that extending it is quite easy.