Less source maps

Does the C5 less processor create source maps? I'm new to less so not sure if I'm using the right lingo but the issue I'm having is I want to build a custom theme based on Elemental. The problem is Chrome Inspector shows me the output classes. I have no clue how they line up with the less files. There are dozens of less files in /css/build/ and guessing which file based on name is not working. I end up searching for hints like the color code, but even that is hit/miss because in many cases the color is in a variable, isn't used until later etc.

I've heard that Less Source Maps are the solution to these issues and that Chrome inspector will show the less file used to compile the stylesheet if they are setup properly. But I'm not seeing that happen in my chrome inspector, I'm just seeing the output stylesheet.

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Chrome does support source maps.

This is the Less PHP compiler that concrete5 uses.
- it supports source map generation

I think including the source maps would be useful for debugging.