List products by sets/categories

Hi all,

I have purchased ecommerce addon and have installed it. I can see that the sample products are listed under a page called "catelog". I can group the products under sets in the dashboard.

But I couldn't get around to list the products by sets/categories.

In short, my question:

1. Is there a way to list the products like:

Our products
---- category 1
---- categoru 2
---- category 3, etc on the navigation

2. Also, can the products be displayed in grid?

Thank you very much in advance.

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hrcv replied on at Permalink Reply
Any tips on this? This is my issue too.
kerofai replied on at Permalink Reply
Same issue here. Having read the ecommerce documentation I do not understand how to create Product Sets!

The images show its simple but how to access the menus that manage sets is illusive and confusing!

enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
dashboard > ecommerce settings > product attributes.

from this page you can edit the attribute sets by clicking manage sets in the upper right corner!!
hrcv replied on at Permalink Reply
Product Sets are diferent thing than Categories.

You can use Product Sets, for example to list a kind of products in a list block.

But if you want categories,take in mind. A produt is a sub-page and Categories are Parent Pages.

when you create a product C5 ask you where to create it. Simply point to the Parent Page you need.

Don't forget to previously create all categories you whant.

NOTE: to display categories menu, use the Nav Block as a normal menu and choose "show Pages beneath a particular page".
kerofai replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks. I think Sets is whats required and have found the link to Manage Sets...

But Having made Sets how do I place Products into the Sets and how do I display the Sets as options the customer can select in Product List?!
hrcv replied on at Permalink Reply
In the product List Block you have all that options...
Data Source Get products from: ... Filter by Set

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waroly replied on at Permalink Reply
On my version of the e-commerce module 2.8.9 there is no option to "Filter by Set" under Data Source > Get products from.
Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
You would use "Get Products From - A Stored Search Query" to use this feature. Any Sets you've created would then show as a list to select from.

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tailtwister replied on at Permalink Reply
Is it my imagination or can you not pull a list from multiple sets unless the product is in each of those sets? Seems more like an AND than OR selection for the sets
zanedev replied on at Permalink Reply
Product sets are difficult to find now. Think its a bug as it doesnt show in the same place as the documentation shows. I got to them by going to products then click on the little right triangle breadcrumb icon at the top right and you'll see sets
enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, they do seem a bit hidden from in the past. Thats exactly how I access them as well now!