Loader::library() problems in 5.6.0


I've upgraded to 5.6.0 and having some troubles with loading libraries and such.

I see that the loader has changed using an environment library.

The problem:
I've added the complete Zend library to /libraries/3rdparty/Zend

When using...
Zend_Debug::dump('bla', 'foo');

... it worked like a charm ;)

The 'old' loader looked in:

So the loader found the Zend library in the site libraries dir.

It seems with the new loader, that it will take the DIR_LIBRARIES_CORE.

if (!in_array($segment, $this->coreOverrides) && !$pkgHandle && !array_key_exists($segment, $this->coreOverridesByPackage)) {
         $obj->file = DIR_BASE_CORE . '/' . $segment;
         $obj->url = ASSETS_URL . '/' . $segment;
         $obj->override = false;
         $this->cachedOverrides[$segment][''] = $obj;
         return $obj;
      if (in_array($segment, $this->coreOverrides)) {
         $obj->file = DIR_BASE . '/' . $segment;
         $obj->url = BASE_URL . DIR_REL . '/' . $segment;
         $obj->override = true;
         $this->cachedOverrides[$segment][''] = $obj;
         return $obj;

When I debug it, it will go in the first IF and will return the path for DIR_LIBRARIES_CORE.

Is this new behaviour or am I doing something wrong (did I miss some important documentation about it?)

Also had some 'issues' with some paths when adding some css (I've created some cached less library). Now it includes a base dir, previous I had to add it so in my 'old' code I get a double base dir. But that is already been solved in my code.

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andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Is your overrides cache enabled? Check "Dashboard > System > Cache and Speed Settings" and make sure it's disabled. If it's enabled you won't be able to add overrides until you clear the cache.
SnefIT replied on at Permalink Reply

(can't see your reply on screen yet, but just received it by email)

Thanx... Stupid me! I assumed cleaning the cache dir was enough but I should use the Clear Cache button more often!
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
yeah we actually store this entry in the database in the Config table rather than in the cache.
SnefIT replied on at Permalink Reply
I've seen that entry and played with it directly. (changed the key hoping that it would be added again).

Just use the clear cache button! ;)

5.6 looks nice! Hoping that the add-ons will support the new Bootstrap (seems that the popup is smaller than before?).

Enjoying C5! :)