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Hi everyone,

I am having one of my developers rebuild a site for a client (conversion of HTML to C5) the problem I am finding is that the site is incredibly slow. The pages load slowly and it seems to be getting worse over time.

I am afraid that the client may force me to use another CMS, which would be a real drag as we have almost completed the site and I spent time telling the client just how great C5 was.

I am not sure if this is a C5 issue or if anyone else has experienced these types of issues.

Here is the -http://vtabarbados.com/c5

If anyone knows how to fix this or has any suggestions, please let me know.


Best Regards,


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TooqInc replied on at Permalink Reply
Page Speed shows it at a 77/100 in FF, but I noticed the load in Chrome was much slower.

You could look at this thread:
and talk with Phallanx about permission to use the tweak he created.

I saw some improvements after enabling compression using the tweaks on this this site too:

From Page speed I see the following:
Combine external CSS
[Score: 23/100]

Combine external JavaScript
[Score: 4/100]

Enable compression
[Score: 2/100]

Leverage browser caching
[Score: 6/100]

Minify CSS
[Score: 68/100]

Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header
[Score: 70/100]

Specify image dimensions
[Score: 2/100]

Use efficient CSS selectors

Hope that helps.
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply

It's not Concrete5, although all the stuff that goes in the background can hinder.

Your images are not that heavy, but on my broadband they still flow slowly?

You need to check again and as myTooq says page speed is NOT happy.

Something is amiss?

Try looking at FF results.

Hope this helps.


jdog75 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi guys,

Brian and Steev, thanks for taking the time look over the site and make suggestions about what the issue may be.

I have been forwarding your comments to my developer. The original developer that I had working on this site had a number of problems, I have a new developer who is helping fix a number of issues and I have asked him to look into the issue with page load speed.

I am wondering if the original setup of the site and installation of C5 was done in error.

Would either of you guys suggest a re-install?


Best Regards,

Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi James,

A clean install wouldn't hurt. Just back up database and make copies of everything if you need to.
TooqInc replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't see anything in pagespeed that indicates the need for one, but I'm no expert either.

I'd follow up with the page speed recommendations first and see if you can get it into the 90-95/100 range. If it's not there, then a tear down might be in order.

Steevb replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hey James,

You ready for this?

Your installation came with sample content hence the reference to the slideshow which you are not using. I asked the community about the reason for it. never had an answer. So fresh install WITHOUT sample content will rid you of unnecessary code, calls and errors.

Page Speed Score: 76/100

Enable compression and Leverage browser caching
Try this code in your .htaccess file:-
<IfModule mod_deflate.c>
SetOutputFilter DEFLATE
<FilesMatch "\.(js|css|php|eot|ttf|otf|svg|jpg|png)$">
Header append Vary User-Agent env=!dont-vary

<FilesMatch "\.(ico|pdf|flv|jpg|jpeg|png|gif|js|css|swf)$">
Header set Cache-Control "public"
Header set Expires "Mon, 15 Oct 2011 20:00:00 GMT"

Specify image dimensions - good to do.
http://vtabarbados.com/c5/themes/theme_JK/images/home-image1.jpg... (Dimensions: 940 x 400)
http://vtabarbados.com/c5/themes/theme_JK/images/home-image2.jpg... (Dimensions: 940 x 400)
http://vtabarbados.com/c5/themes/theme_JK/images/home-image3.jpg... (Dimensions: 940 x 400)
http://vtabarbados.com/c5/themes/theme_JK/images/home-image4.jpg... (Dimensions: 940 x 400)
http://vtabarbados.com/c5/themes/theme_JK/images/logo2.jpg... (Dimensions: 243 x 100)
http://vtabarbados.com/c5/themes/theme_JK/images/logo3.jpg... (Dimensions: 222 x 31)

Use efficient CSS selectors
Should be done, but a bit of work. Most people wouldn't bother. (superfish issue)

Avoid bad requests - superfish issue
The following requests are returning 404/410 responses. Either fix the broken links, or remove the references to the non-existent resources.

Inline Small CSS - I get this now, must be a thing
The following external resources have small response bodies. Inlining the response in HTML can reduce blocking of page rendering.
http://vtabarbados.com/c5/ should inline the following small resources:

Minify HTML
Forget this for now.

Minify JavaScript - All good to do
Minifyinghttp://vtabarbados.com/c5/themes/theme_JK/js/coin-slider.js... could save 3.4KiB (30% reduction)
Minifyinghttp://vtabarbados.com/c5/packages/superfish/blocks/superfish/js/su... could save 940B (25% reduction)
Minifyinghttp://vtabarbados.com/c5/concrete/js/ccm.base.js?v=93fe6280e9d5996... could save 325B (17% reduction)
Minifyinghttp://vtabarbados.com/c5/themes/theme_JK/js/coin-slider.min.js... could save 312B (3% reduction)
Minifyinghttp://vtabarbados.com/c5/concrete/js/swfobject.js?v=93fe6280e9d599... could save 253B (2% reduction)

Minimize redirects - Find and fix
Remove the following redirect chain if possible:

Optimize images - Good to do
Losslessly compressinghttp://vtabarbados.com/c5/files/6512/9510/5972/NS_-_Haynes_House_-_... could save 6.0KiB (11% reduction)
Losslessly compressinghttp://vtabarbados.com/c5/files/1612/9510/5660/PP_NS_-_Shaw_Global_... could save 5.5KiB (9% reduction)
Losslessly compressinghttp://vtabarbados.com/c5/files/2612/9510/5571/Bamboo_Ridge_1.jpg... could save 5.0KiB (8% reduction)
Losslessly compressinghttp://vtabarbados.com/c5/themes/theme_JK/images/logo2.jpg... could save 2.7KiB (12% reduction)

There is more but it's a start.

I make sure all my sites hit 90+, although couple need kicking!

Good luck

TooqInc replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Steev,

As I mentioned, I'm no expert, so thanks for this. I'm sure this will help James, but I'm guessing I can fix a couple of things on some of my sites too.

Thanks for the info and taking time to post this.

jdog75 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey guys thanks again for all of your help with this issue, I have been referring my developer to this forum post as I think the information has been excellent.

Wow I did not realize that the site was setup with sample content - Yikes!

My developer is working on it, I have also contacted my hosting company to have them review my configuration to see if there is anything that can be done from that end.

Once again Steev thanks for your detailed information, it is majorly appreciated.

Best Regards,