Login for secure area, not for site editing

I want my site to have a login to access a secure area. So for example, when a user wants to read the news, they have to enter a password (or username and password), and then they are directed to that page. If you don't enter the login, you can't view that section of the site. Is there an add-on for this?

When I search for login addons I only see logins for clients to edit their website. I don't want a login for that. I want a login just to get to a secure area of the site. Doesn't have to be Fort Knox-type of security, just something that's not as easily accessible to the general public.


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wagdi replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
You just need to enable public profiles through the dashboard and change the permission for those pages so they are only accessible to registered users.

Search for 'Public Profiles' using the 'Intelligent Search' or go to http://yourc5websitedomain.com/index.php/dashboard/system/registrat... (replace yourc5websitedomain.com' with your own domain name)

Change the permissions on your 'News' pages so they are accessible to 'Registered' users rather than 'Guests'. (Go to the desired page, select 'Permissions', Untick 'Guest'; Tick 'Registered Users')
Ashkirk replied on at Permalink Reply
Great, thank you! I don't have my pages up yet but I will give that a try soon.

After I do all that, how/where do users log in? Do I build a login form?

Thanks for your patience, I'm quite new to C5.
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
You can simply create a button or link pointing to the login page- http://yourc5websitedomain.com/index.php/login/... or use one of the login add-ons in the marketplace (Search for 'login' in the add-on marketplace). (Like this- http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/-/view/?submit_search=1... ) Some are free, some cost money.

Heres one to give you an idea- http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/login_block/...