I'm trying to design my own login page. But when a user enters wrong data (wrong password/username) he gets redirected to "login/authenticate/concrete" and there he gets welcomed by the default styled login screen.
Does anyone know how to redirect to my own login page, with an error message?
Thanks in advance

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi backupaccount7,

Are you trying to restyle the login screen and concrete authentication or create a new login screen and authentication from scratch (with possible changes/additions to the fields)?

If you are just looking to change styling and text, I believe this can be done by overriding the login screen and concrete authentication form.

Customize the login page:

Customize the concrete authentication form:

If you are looking to make additions to the concrete authentication form, you will likely need to override it, which involves changing the form and controller (or more). The other option might be creating a new authentication type.
backupaccount7 replied on at Permalink Reply
Sadly I cant apply any of your reccomended ideas.
I simply just want to change the link, that redirects the user after he entered wrong data. I checked the controllers and the concrete/authentification/concrete folder.
I'm kinda lost