Hello all! I am working on building my first website. I need to and will be reading up more on HTML CSS. I am using Bluehost as my hosting/domain manager. I am using the Dark Chocolate theme with a right sidebar. I want to adjust the width of the side bar. I know I need to edit the main.css to do this. My problem is I can not locate where the main.css is. Can someone help me out with a step by step direction to locate the main.css? Thank you very much in advance for the help!!!!!

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Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
Open your concrete5.4.2.1 install - then Concrete folder - then Themes folder, then Dark_Chocolate folder - then copy your main css to desktop for editing
cgrauer replied on at Permalink Reply
You find this main.css at

To edit it, you should copy the whole dark_chocolate folder to:

and edit there the
or even better: make your own theme from it by changing description.txt and icon.png...