Maintenance mode page per theme

I'm trying to create a custom "maintenance mode" page. I can add a custom one to the "/single_pages" and it gets picked up very easy, but then I dont have the added benefits of a theme.

If I place a maintenance_mode.php file in my theme folder along the other files, and add

$v->setThemeByPath('/maintenance_mode/', "myTheme");

(or any variation thereof), it doesn't work. This does work for say, the login page.

So, in short:
$v->setThemeByPath('/login/', "myTheme");

works, while

$v->setThemeByPath('/maintenance_mode/', "myTheme");

does not.

Browsing through the code hasn't gotten me any further so far. I take it it has something to do with the fact that maintenance mode doesn't have a path/url, so this won't work. Any ideas?

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Nitrev replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, I've had a look at the 'offical' guide to themes here

and rebuilt a few single pages according to that guide, and again, it works for every single page except the maintenance mode. I can get the content just find, but it refuses to apply my theme to it.
Fernandos replied on at Permalink Reply
create /single_pages/maintainance_mode.php
and add the single page in the c5 backend.
Then you need to add a header to the single page.
richardacherki replied on at Permalink Reply
I can't seem to get this to work either, i've done as you mentioned and have added header code
<?php Loader::element('header_required'); ?>

But i still get no styles applied to the page.