Making the admin navbar responsive


I want to make the dashboard admin navbar more responsive, just cause it annoys me that it doesn't resize properly when i do responsive screensize testing.

The idea is to hide the search form and add a span tag to the anchor texts with a class="visuallyhidden" when on mobile devices. I already found the correct css file which is but for some reason i am unable to find the html code of the admin navbar.

Please anybody tell me where to find it.



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tofraser replied on at Permalink Reply
If you can sit tight, this is something that is expected to happen with 5.7, otherwise, have you can look at /concrete/themes/dashboard/elements/header.php
pixeltobi replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
thanks... but there are some tricky overlays .. i added some <span class="hide"> tags to hide the menu text but they only work after i clicked on "Dashboard"... too bad my php is not so good lol