making my site mobile device friendly

Was wondering how/if I can take my site and make it friendly with mobile devices (smartphones etc.)


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kino replied on at Permalink Reply
I have auto convert program for mobile.

download mobile theme.

add this code at /config/site_themes_paths.php
if(file_exists(DIR_BASE . "/themes/mobile/custom_cellular.php")){
    $_CONF['site_url']= BASE_URL;
    define("RESIZER", "/themes/mobile/imageresizer.php");
    require_once(DIR_BASE . "/themes/mobile/custom_cellular.php");
    if(CUSTOM_MOBILE_is_cellular()) {
        $v = View::getInstance();
redhawk replied on at Permalink Reply
I will try this. Not being a php developer, i was struggling with this. also quite new to concrete5.

appreciate the advice.
redtype replied on at Permalink Reply
it seems to strip down any fancy formatting, is that what it does? arigato! :)
kino replied on at Permalink Reply
2 point.

1. strip down any fancy formaiing.
2. automatic image resizer.

but can't login.
only for display.
nbruley replied on at Permalink Reply
I am trying to strip down my mobile site to be as fast as possible for mobile devices. All I basically need is my main site photo, some links at the top, and a google iframe (
The iframe takes 2.5 seconds to load according to pingdom and the site
takes like 7... er I tried it again and it's 3.6 now so maybe my cache kicked in.
At any rate, my question is, I see the following file
which is the only other huge file loaded. Do I need it for the mobile site, and if not, how do I only load it for selected pages (or disallow loading it for like 5 pages)?

nbruley replied on at Permalink Reply
I created a custom header for my mobile site that did not load jquery and the site seems to work fine.