Mega Drop Down Menus with Superfish?

Hi, I have Superfish styling the autonav of a C5 website I am building. It works great but now the website needs a 'mega drop down' style navigation instead. I have noticed that Superfish can be adapted to work as a mega menu, the navigation on is an example. I need something along the same lines but am not sure how I would go about achieving this.

What I like about Superfish is the ability to style the active parent 'tab' via CSS as The Pet Cabin does - my site does this as well. Implementing a hard-coded mega drop down system was an idea I had but I like the fact Superfish bases itself on the autonav block; I fear that I would lose the parent tab highlighting ability of Superfish plus the fantastic autonav functionality if I used something else. Ideally I don't want to introduce any new navigation add-ons as the site is almost complete.

On these forums I found an attribute 'hack' to hide all children from a parent navigation tab when checked, and it works great. I am wondering if something similar exists that would reveal a certain DIV containing many text links when the user rolls over a particular parent navigation item? Alternatively if Superfish can display all the children of all the parents within one initial drop down that would work just as well.

If anyone has any advice that would be really appreciated as I've been scratching my head for hours on this one! Many thanks in advance.

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PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
I believe this super-handy add-on might be what you're looking for?
crstf replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for your suggestion. Having looked at "sites that use this add-on" it's not quite what I'm after for this project but one I'll keep in mind for future projects.