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Hi! New Concrete-user here, love it so far. Much better than Drupal, which I gave up totally when I saw Concrete.

Now to my "problem";

I have a menu setup like this on my site
- Humm
- Didumm
- Dummdumm

but autonav just spits it out like

so it's impossible to know that Didumm belongs to Humm.

I would like it to be

Is it possible somehow to customize a autonav-theme to do that?

Hope you understand my problem here, dunno how to explain better :)

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FIBER replied on at Permalink Reply
In one of my sites i was bummed out because the way you want it, was the way it was rendered.

Had to hack my way around in CSS to make it work.

Are you sure the pages are subpages of "Humm"?

If you are;
- Copy the auto-nav block from /concrete/blocks to the root /blocks folder.
- Edit the view.php to fit ur need

Tadaaa done :)

Gl mate, hope this helps ya
ryan replied on at Permalink Reply
You create the new folder:
and then just copy the /concrete/blocks/autonav/view.php to your new /blocks/autonav folder, basically you only have to override the file you want to change, not the whole block.

If you wanted to retain the original functionality of the block as well as your new functionally you could create a new template:
make the folder:
Mike replied on at Permalink Reply
I've got the same problem, thanks for the help guys...
Sorry if I'm being a bit cheeky, but you couldn't put down the changes required to the view.php file to make your suggestion work?
I'm trying to learn php but this bit of my site can't wait.
Any tips much appreciated!